Manic Monday – Two in One

We haven’t had a Manic Monday in a long time, so today there are two crazy-sad things I want to share with you:

#1: There is a children’s book that explains why some people in the US carry guns in the open. No, let me rephrase that: It is a children’s book that is pro open gun carrying and explains to the kids that it is the constitutional right of every US citizen to carry a gun. I don’t live in the US of A, so I don’t know, if it is actually necessary to carry a gun with you at all times for self-defence reasons. But if this is the case, something tells me your moral system is not working out very well. Just sayin’.

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#2: 10% of the North American population is in prison. That is 2.2 million people! For comparison: My country, Germany, has 80.000 people incarcerated. That is a little under 0.1% of the population. The United States of America have more prisoners than China. In fact, the high number of prisoners has become such a big issue that the muppets on Sesame Street have to explain to children watching the programme what it means, when Mommy or Daddy go to prison. This is sad.