Persuasion – Shelf of Abandoned Books


My wonderful thrift shop edition – get it? Because I buy my books at Oxfam…

I’m going to be honest, it was a tough read. I never needed that long to finish a book. It’s been a month(!) since I started reading Persuasion. But I did it, I finished. And I liked it. There are two reasons why it took me so long to read the whole book. First of all, I only read it on my train rides back from the museum, which gave me 20 minutes of reading time each day. And secondly, I had to read some pages or even chapters twice because I didn’t get the point of them at first try. I started to confuse the two Captains, and I mixed up Miss Elliot and Miss Elliot. Stuff like that.

Now that I finished it, I have to say that it is quite amusing to see that the dating business hasn’t changed that much, despite all our talking of emancipation and gender equality and whatnot. Money still marries money, parents and friends approve or disapprove, people sacrifice love for comfort etc.

I love and adore the sharp eye Jane Austen had for the relationships and social conventions at the time, and how subtle she mocked and criticised them. I think I might read Persuasion again, just not in the next few weeks.

Two more things I learned about books like the ones written by Jane Austen:

#1 – They are for a quiet read at home, on the train you’ll miss half the plot.

#2 – Every soap opera seems to have snatched elements from any Austen novel and exaggerated them to no good.