Tomatoes and Toma’ous

The Scotsman and I have been dating for quite a while now, and our relationship apparently has changed my speech pattern. Last Wednesday we’ve been out for drinks with several of the Scotsman’s colleagues – all of them native English speakers, except for two. And as soon as I started talking, every single person stared at me for one or two seconds with the most irritated look and then asked me where I got my Scottish accent from. The Scotsman almost died. I cannot hear it, I genuinely can’t but apparently everybody else is able to detect it. The Scotsman doesn’t get tired of pointing out that it is all his fault, that I had the most adorable and perfect school English when we met, and that he and he alone broke me and turned me into this mess that says dir’y ta’ies (which stands for “dirty potatoes”), ay (yes), luf (love), nae bother (don’t bother) and las (lady/girl).

I guess this is just something that happens when you listen to somebody everyday, you snatch up words and start using them as well. And sooner than you realize, you’re part of the Scottish community and start eating Haggis and Sunday fry ups.


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