Manic Monday – How to disturb your children deeply and irreversibly

Why? Just…why? Oh, and: I kind of want to start collecting these, just because.


Credits: #1 and #2 found at – full link here. Check out the full list there, the books are totally creepy and way off!

#3 found on – full link here. It’s right above classics like Mail Ordered Mommies. A Daddy’s Desperate book, Mommy needs to go to Detox and God loves everyone but you.

#4 and #6 found on – full link here. Next to the highly recommended books Why is mommy moaning? and The house that crack built.

#5 found on – full link here. There is a really well written article about the book and the connected history by the way.

Of course I didn’t do enough research on all those books to know if they are actually real children’ s books or if some of the cover work is just made up as a joke; or if some of them look like children’s books but are for adults after all. It might even be that most of them are proper children’s books and it’s just the titles that have been chosen poorly. (Phrases missing context and stuff.) I simply thought them plain funny and I so do hope they are all real because that means I can buy them and have my friends read them to each other at parties.