I’m Back! (The Illustration Friday without an illustration)

Good day, my subjects! Wait…wrong blog…oops!

Hello, my darlings, 10 days are over and I thought we might continue this blogging thing. My cold is gone, the taxes are filed and my laundry is done. I even got a haircut – how about that?

Today was the last day of the mobile museum previous to a two week pause. What is the mobile museum? The museum packs up some big blue boxes and fills them with lots of stuff. And I mean LOTS of stuff* – everytime we pull something out of one of those boxes, I ask myself if it’s a common thing for blue boxes to be bigger on the inside. *wink* Back to topic, Jasmin. So, we pack up those boxes and take them on a tour. Each week we stop in a different part of town, in areas that are considered difficult or: challenging in terms of social environment. In short terms: We bring the museum to the kids who cannot afford coming to the museum – for free. Because we are an active museum that lives from the participation of its visitors, we do not only show stuff to the kids. The kids also collect things in an area which they are familiar with because they live there. Then we categorize them, examine the findings and preserve them. So we do all the things that every museum around the world does. Today we talked about collecting valuable and extraordinary things and categorizing them. After that, we got the clay out and started preserving our valuables by copying them. This is what I made:

DIGITAL CAMERAA fossil and a turtle shell. I’ve never worked with clay before but I think they turned out rather nice.

The kids made: shells, little figurines and statues, pots, cups, mushrooms, beetles, butterflys.


I’ve been on tour with the mobile museum for the last two weeks now and have to say it is one of the best and most rewarding jobs I’ve ever had. All the kids have been really nice and funny and there was so much warmth and a wonderful atmosphere, and I’m a little bit sad that it was my last day.

* books, diagrams, paper, scissors, glue, pencils, pens, microscopes, tweezers, little bottles, ethanol, labels, 5 kilos of clay, paint, cameras, magnifying glasses, binoculars, showpieces, kinderegg figurines, electronic scrap, feathers, pictures, snail shells, buttons, stamp albums, a small cabinet of wonder… … …