Why has nobody ever told me that?! (Birthday post)

Hooray! It’s my birthday! And it’s sunday! And I just found out four days ago, that my birthday is also Star Wars Celebration Day! What?? I am thirty*ahem* years old now, and allegedly grew up in a Star Wars-family but yet nobody ever told me that MY birthday was Star Wars Day! Can you imagine: How many Star Wars themed birthday parties I could have had? How many costume party opportunities I’ve missed, caused by this lack of information?

Well, it all shall be forgiven. You want to know why? Because first of all I am not a woman of regret, I am not a person who holds a grudge (at least not for longer than 48 hours) and secondly, I remember lots of great birthdays, with or without Star Wars. My parents never had money when I was a child, because they were quite young and still trying to figure everything out when they had me; but they always gave me wonderful birthdays. Plus, today I had a birthday picknick in one of our city parks, with famiily and close friends. We had finger food and iced tea and cupcakes. Played a little frisbee and made shiny bubbles out of soapy water. I had a magnificent day, shared with the people that mean the most to me. Besides, there is always the possibility of a 40th, Star Wars themed birthday bash to look forward to…

image found on geekadelphia.com: *click*