Illustration Friday – Gyuricza Gergely

Today I want to show you the art of a person I’ve almost forgotten about because I was so occupied with my own worries and challenges. His name is Gyuricza Gergely and the last time I heard from him, he was a struggling artist living in Hungary.  I looked up his channel on youtube and realised he didn’t post any videos for over a year but he is still acitve on his facebook page. I hope the lack of new videos means he is busy organising art exhibitions and selling paintings, because he deserves it. He gave away his art for free, just to spread joy and inspiration!

His channel seems abandoned by now but check his videos out anyways, if you don’t know them yet, he is an awesome painter! I don’t know about you but I always love watching skilled people doing what they do best.

His artwork on facebook:

Thank you, Gyuricza Gergely, for inspiring me and so many others!