Hey, I was watching that!

image from winnond/freedigitalphotos.net

image by winnond/freedigitalphotos.net

The Scotsman and I have been a couple for round about 18 months now and I still adore him, and this is not only because he thinks I’m beautiful and buys me pizza on a Friday night. I even adore him when he falls asleep in front of the TV, which is always. Sometimes I just wake him up and ask him to ‘breathe a bit more quietly because I am actually watching this’. On other occasions, especially when it’s a movie or a show that I didn’t really want to watch (so basically every educational programme about the universe and space), I turn off the TV. This, of course, leads to the famous moment in which he wakes up, sits straight up on the sofa and shouts out “What are you doing? I was watching that!” This always makes me laugh. Never failed, never will. And then the dialogue:

Me: You were asleep.

The Scotsman: No, I wasn’t. I was thinking of you. (I admit, this has a certain Awwww factor around it, when you hear it the first time.)

Me: You were snoring.

The Scotsman: I was purring. At most.

Me: Some plaster fell off the ceiling.

The Scotsman: (one eye actually scanning the ceiling) What did I miss, then?

Me: Not much, the universe is still big, full of crazy stuff and expanding.

The Scotsman: Oh, I thought we were watching Die Hard.

That’s the point where I doubt our relationship for a brief moment, because: what person in their right mind (and knows me the tiniest bit) would think that I turn off the TV in the middle of Die Hard? Can you believe this man? I’m already looking forward to going through with our plan of watching both parts of Back to the Future (yes, I said both, because come on…) Maybe I should bring some ice cream and my cuddle pillow, just in case.