Manic Monday – Tweet tweet, Mr. Erdogan

image found on twitter

image found on twitter (of course)

Twitter got blocked in Turkey a few days ago. To some people this might seem like a small issue. In an online news forum this morning I read a comment in the terms of ‘There are enough other social networks still working, so why is this such a big deal? It’s more like going to a party and realizing they are all out of Coke. So, take Pepsi instead, and don’t be such a spoilt kid.’ So, let’s see why this IS actually a big issue.

#1: Twitter might not be the only social platform available and it might be treated like a poor cousin in Germany as well as the U.S., but in Turkey it is widely used. 39% of the Turkish people are using twitter on a daily basis. In Germany, only 6% use twitter to the same amount.

#2: Turkey has been applying for membership in the European Union for years and years but have been rejected to this day, because in the eyes of the EU representatives, the Turkish government doesn’t apply certain democratic values that are not negotiable when concerning a membership in the EU.

#3: Mr. Erdogan hasn’t only been the head figure in the process of disabling twitter in Turkey, he threatened to cancel the accessibility to Youtube and Facebook as well. (So, there goes the party metaphor, because a party where there are no drinks at all just stinks.)

#4: Even if there are some other social networks remaining accessible for the Turkish people to speak their mind in the open and exchange information, their freedom of choice has been limited without proper reason.

Of course some smart people almost immediately found a way to undermine the twitter block which shows us that the will of many generates power. Hopefully it is enough power to stop this manic idea of a man to oppress a whole nation in the desperate attempt to keeping his own position.

Just because there’s no tweeting, doesn’t mean that there is no spring arriving!

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