Illustration Friday – Ali Baghban

This week’s Illustration Friday is dedicated to a friend of my mum who is an artist. His name is Ali Baghban, and lots of tiny little and some bigger steps brought him into the city where my mum lives. A great artist in a small town.

image property of Ali Baghban

image property of Ali Baghban

I haven’t met him personally yet because my mum and I live quite a few miles apart but his art tells a story. It tells me how happy a person can feel when she is at home and how torn when she never can go back. It tells me how much pain and horror a person can survive and still enjoy every single day of her life. But most of all, his art tells me that art still can have meaning, transport a message and, if it’s in some powerful peoples eyes the wrong message, put you in very great risk of losing everything.

Click the link and see for yourself!