Manic Monday – Good Omens


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So, my Scotsman loves reading Terry Pratchett (and Douglas Adams, but that’s a story for another time). Every time he’s trying to convince me to read a Pratchett book, I say to him that I don’t want to start the discworld series (I’m not a fan of book series with one exception – and no, It’s not Harry Potter!), and besides, where Douglas Adams is just bearable to read in terms of corkyness, Terry Pratchett is just too much for me. So, he always sighs and shakes his head a little, and gives up until he starts reading ‘the next Pratchett’.

The last time we had this kind of conversation, something different happened. We were sitting in a café opposite a bookstore, and my Scotsman said “Let’s go inside, because I just remembered what you have to read.” So we went into the shop, and he bought me Good Omens. Parts of it are written by Terry Pratchett, others by Neil Gaiman. They just don’t know anymore who has written what, which makes it all the better. After two days I had read the whole book. After a week, I had read it twice. And I’m going to read it again and again. It is nuts, full of corky characters, totally crazy twists and absolutely wonderful words (which is kind of important when it comes to books).

If you want to read a book that makes you laugh and think and that helps you to see some little things of the world – your world – from a different angle; if you are looking for some crazy time without getting crazy yourself, read Good Omens! (It didn’t trick me into reading more Pratchett, though.)