Illustration Friday

I want to blog more regularly, but it is always quite hard for me to stick with a schedule. So I made up something that might work out in the end. Two days a week I’m going to post something quick, and once a week something longer that has to do with ranting and observing and so on.

Let’s start with this ‘concept’ immediately. Today is Friday, so let’s make it Illustration Friday! Yay! Every Friday I want to share with you either a picture that I made myself or something I found on the interwebs and fell in love with for various reasons.

Here you go, have a parrot.

Papagei2I drew that some time ago (as you see in the lower right corner) but never showed it to anybody. It is a digital drawing, I can’t remember the programme I’ve been using. But I did it on the Odys Multi Graphic Board. Enjoy!