My Top 3 Pet Hates of All Times

Since I reached my 30s, I’m a lot more relaxed than I used to be in my 20s. I’m more relaxed towards my self, my body, and most importantly towards other people. Okay, sometimes I think I should go out more and ‘do stuff’. But then I run a hot bath, have a glass of wine and read while lying in the tub, and the world is fine again. It re- and evolves just as good without me making a fuss.

Having said all that, there are still a few things that annoy me, and boy, do people notice when it happens. So, I still got my pet hates. But it’s not stuff like “Honey, you left the tube with the tooth paste open AGAIN!” That’s just rubbish that a psychologist/philosopher I quietly admire called instructions to make yourself unhappy. No, my pet hates have to do with common sense and safety in traffic – or at least I like to think so.

#3 – The bronze medal goes to: Not letting people get off of public transport vehicles first.

It’s always the same, isn’t it? You stand inside the bus or the tram and you want to get off at the next station. You stand there, cuddled up in a nice little ball of people in front of the doors. The vehicle stops, the doors open *shhhhhht* – and somebody stumbles in, ripping the ball of people inside apart, bruising your knees with their suit case. Or when you stand outside at the stop, the vehicle comes to a halt and you want to get in. What do you do? You wait politely aside the door, leaving an alley in front of it, so the passengers can climb out and toddle off. And then there’s always this ONE guy. The guy who cannot wait because he’s busy. And he’s the only person on the planet with an appointment. He can’t wait for people to get off the tram. He actually had to be on the tram yesterday, so he’s got no more time to lose. Thus, with the birth right of the busy people, he’s climbing on, mobile pressed to his ear, giving ‘aha aha’-noises, making it impossible for the passengers to get off. I HATE this! I hate when people jump onto a tram or a bus before all the people wanting off had a chance to go off.

Let people get out of the tram BEFORE you climb on, ramming your elbows into rib cages and whatnot, you nasty gnomes! You’re not a VIP, the doors are not reserved for you, so wait until it’s your turn to get on the bus for crying out loud. Oh, but then you won’t get a seat, you say? Well, tough! The world is a place where some people have to stand. If you don’t like it, get a car.

#2 – The silver medal goes to: Road crossing while the red light is on. On a main road. During rush hour.

First of all: You’re a jerk. Sorry, but there is no way around this. You. Are. A. Jerk. Why are you doing this? Why do you cross a road where the cars go about 55 mph, while you’re having a red light? You are endangering yourself and lots of people around you. Plus, I don’t know much about the rules in other countries, but if here in Germany somebody has an accident in public, the bystanders are obliged to help. And honestly, I don’t want to help you, when you are fully aware of the danger you put yourself in, just for the sake of saving two minutes of your time.  So, if you’re always late – and people who run across the road during the red phase tend to be always late – try leaving the house five minutes earlier in the future. Make it a habit. Or maybe the next time you’ll be late constantly because finally a car will have run you over. It’s as simple as that.

#1 – Gold for: Texting while cycling or walking


image from The Big Lebowski

image from The Big Lebowski

I’m not making way for you. When you are constantly staring at your little screen on your mobile device, not paying any attention to the traffic around you and you cross my path, I’ll bump into you. And it’s going to be painful. If you want to send a text to a friend or tell your mum that you’re late for dinner, get out of the way and write your text. But don’t keep cycling or walking. You look like an idiot and it’s dangerous. You’re not good at multitasking, I don’t care what you say. You cannot walk or drive a straight line when you’re not paying attention to the road. Who am I kidding? Half of you can’t even walk a straight line when you DO pay attention to the road.