Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

This ship has sailed

Who are you, then?

Grumpy Haiku #6

The milk is sour and the eggs very smelly. No pancakes today.

Manic Monday – Staying Alive

We haven’t had a Manic Monday post in ages. This is simply because I haven’t had the time to scout the interwebs for some mad and mental stuff. And the only manic things… Continue reading

Grumpy Haiku #5

Whoever said that there are never dumb questions was truly a liar.

A short short list of philosophical books that are not specifically about philosophy

Romulus, my father by Raimond Gaita: What is friendship? What is the difference between character and personality? What is home? The Music of Chance by Paul Auster: Are you fully responsible for the… Continue reading

Here we go again, philosophy – Socratic Questioning

A while ago (there’s an understatement for you), I started writing about philosophy and how you can get into the whole field of doing philosophy when you’re not studying the subject. Today, we… Continue reading

Grumpy Haiku #4

All muddy puddles remind me that I should buy new shoes with no holes.

Illustration Friday – Jiri Votruba turned into a Memory Box

On our trip to Prague almost a year ago, I bought these coasters with designs of Votruba because I like the popping colours and the handdrawn look of his illustrations. But we never used them as coasters… Continue reading