Drawing, Sketching, Gluing, Painting – aaaah!

My Sketchbookproject 2016 is in the making. The more I already made, the more ideas I get, so I even started adding pages to fit it all in. The creative curse has taken… Continue reading

Illustration Friday – Clementine

Beautiful Stories Behind Beautiful Songs – Lorenzo by Phil Collins

When I was a teenager, my mother bought the album Dance Into The Light by Phil Collins. On this album was a song called Lorenzo, which she played over and over. She loved… Continue reading

Morning Routines

A couple days ago, I was told that the average German person spends about 5 hours a week in the bathroom. This is 45 minutes a day.  Just for looks – so, not included in… Continue reading

Illustration Friday – Before and After

Sketchbookproject 2016 edition: After not doing the SBP 2014 and 2015, I enrolled in this year’s Sketchbookproject. And although I haven’t received my book yet, I already started working on it. How, you… Continue reading

Oblivious Me

I work with handicapped people, young people. Some of them are still kids, some of them are mid-teens, some are young adults. None of them younger than 13, none of them older than… Continue reading

125! Why?

125 people are actually subscribed to this blog. Why? How? How many of you are actually following this nonsense of mine, I mean, come on…and how many of you just subscribed so I… Continue reading

Who wants Art on a Card?

Hello, mighty followers! I had an idea for Valentine’s Day! Who wants to have a postcard with a fantasy flower on it for FREE?! As you can see, there is enough blank space… Continue reading

Illustration Friday – In the Rain

Because you said you loved me, I’m scared to walk in the rain. Because you said I was precious to you, I’m afraid to rust in the rain. Because you call me ‘Sugar’,… Continue reading

Beautiful Stories Behind Beautiful Songs – R.E.M.’s Man on the Moon

Yesterday, I completely reset my phone to get rid of all the little bits of data and all the apps that I didn’t want or need anymore. After doing that, I had to get back all… Continue reading