Low Budget – Last Minute – Christmas Decorations, including a quite long explanation why I do what I do

I grew up in a house that was crammed with Christmas decorations from the first of December until mid-January. The tree went all the way up to the ceiling and was so overloaded… Continue reading

Time To Give, Selfishly

I just had a shower, and while I was standing there, the warm water pouring¬†over me, I cried a little. I cried about something I did three days ago, because I have been… Continue reading

I just bought a goat and a half.

Christmas is coming closer, as every year. And as every year I am thinking what to give to people who already have everything they need. I don’t want to buy another book token… Continue reading

I Never Argue on the Internet but I Like to Shut People Up

In my opinion, arguing in the virtual world is a waste of time and energy. I like having a bit of a fruitful discussion once in a while because I like learning from… Continue reading

A Witness to Violence

Daily Prompt: Witness I’ve seen physical violence in movies. It is not pleasant to watch but at least I know nobody really got hurt. About three years ago, it was different and it… Continue reading

New Blog and Blog Pause!

Hello my dear Sausages! In the last few days I realised that at the moment I have very little to say, which is for the most part caused by the fact that I… Continue reading

I am early this time!

Four days ago, my sketchbook for the Sketchbookproject 2017 arrived! And of course I immediately started working on it. First of all,¬†I completely took it apart, cut all the sheets in half and… Continue reading

Daily Prompt: Paint

Let the word “paint” be my madelaine and tea, a flood of memories coming towards me, waves of emotions carried by five little letters. Paint, that’s the smell of my new room in… Continue reading

Anyone Can Draw – #5 Take Classes

First things first: I don’t think there is anything wrong with being a self-taught artist. And especially as a beginner, you might think taking a class (be it live or online) is a… Continue reading

Don’t read any success stories…or read loads of them!

Most of us are brought up with the idea that you can have success* if you just work hard enough. Or if you follow some kind of recipe, as if success can be… Continue reading