I’m making presents! (Part Two)

Look at my cookie bags!   Look at my chocolate on a stick!   Look! Look what I made. I’m in a Christmas present frenzy…

Illustration Friday – Blue Goodbye

I’m making presents! (Part One)

This is my first pre-Christmas with money AND time on my hands to get serious, picked-with-love Christmas presents for the people I luurrrrve. And trust me, my beloved people who are reading my nonsense, I DID spend… Continue reading

Impressions of a Sunday Walk

It is way too warm for November, still…

Kitchen things

Hello my beautiful sausage rolls! I haven’t been here for a while. This has mostly to do with work, because I have loads of that happening. Most days, I am just happy to… Continue reading

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

This ship has sailed

Who are you, then?

Grumpy Haiku #6

The milk is sour and the eggs very smelly. No pancakes today.

Manic Monday – Staying Alive

We haven’t had a Manic Monday post in ages. This is simply because I haven’t had the time to scout the interwebs for some mad and mental stuff. And the only manic things… Continue reading